Monday, December 6, 2010

Test Run Flow... (Actions Run Sequence)


How QTP Test flow will start?
What is the criteria to run the test?
What is the input to run the Actions in test?
Create the test with Action1 and Action2... Now, place some code on both of the actions and save.

First Method:
The (.mts) files contain the code in saved folder of Test. Test Folder contain the Action0, Action1, Action2 Folders
Test flow can be changed here in ACtion0...
Action0 (.mts) file contain

RunAction "Action1", oneIteration

RunAction "Action2", oneIteration

The Test will run "Action1" and "Action2" continuously one after the other.
If you change the sequence of RunActions in (.mts) file, the Test will be run based on your updated code.


RunAction "Action2", oneIteration

RunAction "Action1", oneIteration
Now this Test'll run Action2 first, then Action1...

Second Method:

Just drag and drop the Actions sequence in "Keyword View" as u like the test to run.

The Test run based on the "Keyword Driven" view... not on "Expert view", because even if you change the Action flow sequence in "keyword view"... Actions sequence will not be changed in "Expert view". So, the sequence of Actions in "Keyword View" is the base to Run the Test.

"A good threat is worth a thousand tests" - Boris Beizer

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