Friday, December 3, 2010

Associated Addins for Test

Count of Addins associated to test

Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable

'Dim arrTestAddins ' Declare the variable for storing the test's associated add-ins

Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object

arrTestAddins = qtApp.GetAssociatedAddinsForTest("C:\Tests\Test1") ' Create an array containing the list of addins associated with this test

msgbox arrTestAddins

"A good threat is worth a thousand tests" - Boris Beizer


Ashish said...

Hey Its good but I am running a TestSet and which contains 3-4 tests.

while running testSet QTP (ver 11.0) starts but It does not load required WPF addin.

Can u post how to find assosiate addin of a test which resides in Quality Center?
and how to set addin like WPF to Test if its not loaded,

Baba Fakruddin said...

Go to Test Settings->Properties Tab in QTP and check the required Addins are associated or not, If not, check the required addins and restart the QTP.

Now, Generate the Script by clicking on Generate Script button and execute the same script before every test set execution.