Thursday, November 25, 2010

Windows XP Mode

Hi Folks,

This is the post related to Operating systems, Softwares and related Hardware.

Windows got a very beautiful feature in Windows7, which is very useful for software engineers...!

previously, hardware designing was not much focusing on software supporting on hardware like Central Processing Unit, Moterboard, etc., but now hardware designing companies designed new hardware to not support previous versions of operating systems or softwares (great disadvantage for software engineers)... Microsoft come with a solution that we can install the softwares which are supporting to previous versions of windows is "Windows XP Mode in Windows7".

check the wikipedia regarding related content of Windows XP mode here.

Still I wanna update about the supporting softwares and operating systems which are useful for our practicing personally and how to use the features provided by this.

"A good threat is worth a thousand tests" - Boris Beizer

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