Sunday, October 31, 2010

Object Model of the general scripting in QTP

Object Model of the general scripting in QTP.

'ObjectType("Object").method "Value"

       Browser("Gmail").Page("Gmail").WebEdit("UserName").Set "UID"
       Dialog("Flight").WinEdit("Password:").Set "Mercury"
       Browser("Gmail").Page("Gmail").WebList("Inbox").Select "First Mail"

'ObjectType - Type of object on application, eg: Browser, WinButton, WebEdit, WinButton, etc.,

'Object - The particular object on application which have the collection of properties (Test Object - Stored in Object Repository)

'Method - The operation performing on the ObjectType... QTP 10 displays all the methods can be performed on particular objecttype. (Set, Select, Click, etc.,)

'Value - The Value which is to be selected or set on to the object (Optional for few methods)

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