Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview questions - 2010

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Framework?

2. Can we develop single framework for multiple Addins like (Web, VB, Siebel, SAP etc.,)

3. How to select a Radio Button on web application and on Windows application?

4. What are the differences between Childitems and ChildObjects?

5. what are the run-time parameters?

6. When will you go with descriptive programming?

7. How can you add all objects on application with single property in Object Repository?

8. What is the Business Component?

9. what are the advantages of BPT?

10. you have WebEdit, WebArea, WebElement... Develop a single function to set text in WebObject.

11. What are the differences between Actions, Functions and Sub Procedures?

12. 'Baba' is the string. get the first B in single line code and last b in single line code.

13. Execute Statement, Execute method and EVal Statements

14. Give some scenarios on Recovery files.

15. High priority and Low Severity with example

16. Low Priority and High Severity with example

17. What is the component?

18. Can we declare a function in function? if possible how and example.

19. How can you return multiple values from function?

20. How can you return values from Actions?

21. Write code to print


22. Write code to find the second highest no. in an Array.

23. Can we use Two Dimensional Array in QTP?

24. What are the differences between Dictionary objects and Arrays?

25. What is synchronization?

26. How many ways to synchronize the Scripts?   

27. What is meant by Exist statement?

28. How to sync the Browser?

29. what is the default timeout for objects in application.

30. What is the return type of Instr function?

31. what are the scripting languages can be used in QTP?

32. 'Baba Fakruddin' link is on application, get the text of the link.

33. 3 'Baba' links on application with same properties. how QTP will identify the unique link?

34. What is smart Identification? is it suggestible in run-time projects? and why?

35. Testing methodologies and Testing techniques.

36. What are the document types available in Testing process?

37. "0B1A2B3A" is the string, separate all numeric and alphabets, Append all numeric and alphabetic and print.

38. Check the weblist values are in ascending or descending order?

39. Release management document

40. Is developer name displays in defect report in QC.

41. How to schedule Test in QTP. using VBScripting?

42. How to add Expiry Date of 2 years - 3 months-20 days to the present date?

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