Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BPT - Components

Working with BPT components...

You have opened the component in QTP and done some updates in script and forgot to save the component...! ;)

Now, on your system logged into QC and try to execute some scripted components...! could you able to execute the component successfully?


Because, the component you opened in QTP doesn't saved... so, it will throw the error that "Unable to close the unsaved document"

QC will try to open the scripted component in QTP in read only mode and run the component. But, QTP contains someother script which hasn't saved yet... so, it will show you the details about unsaved document (component script) on QTP in QC dialog box.


Rituraj said...

How to unlock the read only component?

Anonymous said...

Before you're trying to unlock the component. you've to check your rights on that component
1. are you author of the component?
2. Do you have project admin rights on current project of ALM?
3. Do you have Site admin rights (you can work on disabled project also)
If you're any one of above, you can make the component work for you.

If not, you can't do anything

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